Why napping is good for your health

As a child, I hated afternoon naps. I still have the unpleasant memory of the curtains being drawn while the sun was still basking in its full glory, beckoning me to come out and play. As an adult, I can’t understand why they did away with it!

In fact, it makes more sense for adults to take mandatory afternoon naps. Here are just a few reasons why a 20-30 minute nap is good for you.

You rest

Obviously, your mind and body gets to recharge so that you’re more alert when you wake up.

The momentum of your negative thoughts are stopped

Are you stressed, in a bad mood, or feeling down? Sleep. Your thoughts carry momentum, which explains why starting off the day in a bad way usually escalates. Sleep stops the momentum and gives you a chance to start afresh.

You don’t use this time to eat

Sleep is a much better alternative to comfort eating. If you’re trying to manage your weight and you’re on a 3 week diet plan, it’s even more important to get sufficient sleep to reduce any moodiness.

A regular afternoon nap is not completely unheard of. Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, and Thomas Edison are just some of the great minds who nodded off in the afternoon.

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