Wrong Perception Of Bartender Occupation

Lots of men and women go for bartending schools believing it’s the only method to accomplish their aim of joining bartending services.  My only objective is to convince you that it is your choice to attend a bartending school, not a necessity.

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There are those who will surely benefit from visiting a fantastic bartender school.  It’s a quick way, if not the fastest, to get the correct knowledge and develop your abilities.  If that is your objective, don’t hesitate to register for a training program.  Just do not sign up only because you think in one of the myths listed below.

This is the biggest myth surrounding the bartending profession.  Several online sources, including sites for aspiring bartenders, stress that you ought to attend a bartending school or stick to an internet course so as to learn the basic bartender methods.

This isn’t correct.  In actuality, you’re free to develop your personal skills however and wherever you prefer.  I’ve spent years behind the bar and I’ve yet to meet a co-worker who’s a bartending school grad.

Many sites, certainly those of bartending schools, say that companies will only hire you after you are a bartending school grad.  This myth essentially acknowledges that visiting a bartending school is not mandatory, but states that you’ll have difficulty finding work in this profession should you not complete a training class at some prestigious bartending school.

This claim is part of the marketing strategy, which revolves around addressing the anxieties of any inexperienced person wishing to make the first steps towards a career as a bartender.  By introducing this myth as the reality, they succeed in making people think that they need some sort of prestigious diploma so as to start off.

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