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Cosmetic dentistry may offer occlusal equilibration procedure, if the reason is malocclusal to cure TMJ. But while we are still on the way to meeting a cosmetic dentistry specialist, here are some tips to ease the pain if not remedy TMJ.

TMJ disorder or temporomandibular joint affects the joint at the place where the jaw and skull and causes pain at the areas of the face, neck and shoulder. The relief is made by reducing inflammation in the joint. We can try doing jaw exercises. Sit down and rest your head on the chair. Lightly press jaw with the hands for five seconds. Repeat for two or three times. Then, move the lower jaw from side to side. You can also consult with Newman Family Dental to get reliable treatment for teeth.

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Compresses hot and cold would also relieve TMJ pain. Use hot packs and cold with a duration of ten minutes.

Strive to have good posture. A misaligned body suffers from TMJ syndromes such as pain in the back and shoulders. As the posture is better, pain related to TMJ decrease.

Avoid clenching your teeth as this may exude excess stress on the joint, and excessive gum chewing and eating hard foods or anything that causes stress during mastication.

How to Improve the TMJ Pain